My Dear Departed Hannah
1982 - 2000

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Hannah came to me about 16 years ago. I found her or she found me at The Toronto Humane Society. My sweet Pyewackette (A Blue Point Siamese) had died and my Lovely Flint (A long haired grey) was now alone.....Both Flint & I missed Pye very much! One day my good friend Karen said "Come on!...We're going to the Humane Society"...I grumbled and said "I dunno"...but Karen insisted! Only as Karen can! Well we lingered there for about two or more hours! She was chatting up the poor orphaned Dogs & I was talking to the Cats. I finally, after lengthy thoughts, decided to adopt a young Cat but to my chagrin I got to talking to a gentleman who also decided on the same Cat. He told me it reminded him of his poor baby recently deceased sooo my plan immediately changed. It was odd though too, because each time I left the adoption kennel I heard a Meow....lol But couldn't see a cat ....The cage by the door seemed empty but after further investigation I discovered there was a baby under all that newsprint! lol I stood there & coached her out and lo & behold it was a beautiful 2 year old Torty :) She won my heart immediately! So the story goes....Its been 16 years now & I'm so glad Karen persisted! HANNAH blessed my life. My dear sweet kitty has now left my life and she gave me 16 years of Joy. I'm missing you terribly Hannah.

Love my Hannah!!!!!She's was real Joker!

This is Hannah playing the role of the "Elephant" from "The Little Prince" hehehe

If you've ever lost a precious Pet...go read this poem "The Rainbow Bridge" on my friend Lady Danube's Site.

~~In Hannah's Memory I have joined the Rainbow Bridge Web Ring~~

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