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I fly I fly over and through I fly on wings of Netscape on wings of Eudora, Flights of fantasy Made for techno wizards Not made for me originally, But I fly for you and me....

***ON LINE***

I've got you on line, Have you got me? Questions for the Net, Not for everyone Just for Netscapers, Lifescapers, Ones who extend, throw out their hearts, throw out their minds, thoughts on line, Do you see me? Do you hear me? You do but do you answer? Too afraid? Too reluctant too show your feelings? Not... Just do it. That's what Net is, Say what you will or LOL click the Big Red!


I shrugged my shoulders, and you looked away, I opened my arms and you began to play, I gave you my heart and you went away, So I shrugged my shoulders and laughed, And I shrugged my shoulders.


They yank at your heart, They yank at your soul, where do they come from? They come from you, You and the Cosmos, you and the moment, you and the love that surrounds you, you and the world, You and the Love of the Universe combine to spell it out. If only they would listen. Then they would understand The Way Of The World.


We are simply players. Playing at the game, the game of life, the game of living. When an hour of life, Gives us an opening to eternity, We must grab it! with all of our might! We must take life as it comes, as it is thrown at us! You know this, I guessed at it, We have it! There are no sacrificial Lambs, Can be no brothers against brothers, Just friends and lovers....

This next poem is called "FOR JOSHUA". Joshua was my first nephew. The loving little guy was the Happiest fella! He was only six months but was already racing around & grinning so wide you just had to feel his joy to be alive! I remember the day I went home to celebrate my birthday with my Family... Joshua racing towards me in his walker, grinning & screaming in delight! He was a strong & happy child. About six days later he died of Crib death.... Why did he have to be taken so young? I can only hope that God had bigger plans for him... But we still miss the little Angel. Joshua would have been 15 years old this year. His new brother Taylor is only five... but he too is bright and very clever! He knows his big brother Joshua is watching him as he puts it "Up there!" in Heaven.


In the setting sun, so warm, so soft, so bright, I saw the sleeping daylight, Slip softly in to night, And learned as I was watching, A lesson I well knew, You never lose someone you've loved, For they are part of you.

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