My Visit With Draggie

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Kelly Bledsoe & her hubby Todd are. They took me in as their guest & from the moment I walked through the door I felt I'd come home. The following pictures are not adequate enough to show the beauty of their environment partly because of the photographer (me lol) and partly because it was Kelly & Todd who made it wonderful. Two more beautiful & honest people you will never meet. God surely broke the mold when he/she made them. The photos will take a little time..but if you want a peak at the Lair you'll wait...:)The song is ONE MOMENT IN TIME & thats how it was....a beautiful moment in time...I long to go back.This page is best viewed with Netscape.

WOW! Peace at last! The view from the yard in front of the Cabin.

The view from Draggies porch chair which she let me occupy :)

The triumvirate! Cheffon, Chewie & Campie..grazing under the blue sky!

The Cabin on K Mountain....home

Another view of Home....

My Friend Taz!!! I miss you Hon ...

Wish I'd been closer on this one...I need photography lessons....Kelly is holding Campies reins.

Another picture of the gang. This time I got Todd in the shot.

Todd sitting on the porch! Thanks for the laughter Todd! Above all I'll remember your sense of humour & the stories you had to tell!

Kelly & Cheffon her baby. Kelly is an excellent Horse Woman! Did ya know? She was an Endurance Horse Racer & knows horses thru & thru! I believe she communicates with animals....Darn I'm giving her away....just want to let you know some stuff I discovered...:)

Anyways...I have a couple of pics left but you get the picture I hope. Bless you Kelly & have given me a wonderful gift....the gift of love.





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