Tis Wonderous

*Tis Wonderous Magic*

'Tis Wondrous Magic how the rules of your game do change so quickly to suit your convenience, Were it not that I depend upon your game, I would afore now have changed my place to add my skills to some others game, who had set rules, that were to be depended upon. 'Tis a point I'm at, confused and in a wondrous state, enough that I am tardy, and annoyed to be a part of such a game! And yet am I not bound and at your mercy. Alas, enough for now, to ride the follies and confusions, that go along, with being your conspirator. I have, thus far, been strong and set to wave your banner, but I am afeared that afore long, I shall be tardy and annoyed enough to end my part, and so end a portion of my life.

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